Pies, tortes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, breads, rolls, donuts, muffins, sticky buns, scones, Danish, cookies, tarts, baklava, petits fours, brownies, biscott, cream sticks —The Bake Shop in Ghent does it all!

We keep a variety of freshly baked items in stock. If you require a particular item, flavor or quantity, please call ahead.

For baked goods information, see below


apple, cherry, peach (with or w/o crumb), key lime $8.75
blueberry (with or w/o crumb), pecan, pumpkin or cream $9.75

chocolate cream cheese, vanilla nut, carrot, German chocolate,
Black Forest, cassata or red velvet $34

without chocolate frosting - $0.75 each or $8.50 per dozen
with chocolate frosting - $0.85 each or $9.50 per dozen

chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snicker doodle,
peanut butter, M&M, or sprinkles $0.90 each or $9.00 per dozen
macadamia nut or cut-out cookies $0.95 each or $10.50 per dozen
caramel pecan, raspberry-filled or cutouts $0.95 each or $11.40 per dozen

9” plain $15
9” with blueberries, cherries or strawberries $18

white, wheat or pumpernickel $2.55
vegetable $3.15
cheese, Rosemary olive oil, French, sundried tomato $4.50
raisin, cinnamon, six-grain $3.15

white, wheat or rye - $2.75 per dozen
hamburger/hot dog buns - $0.30 each

donuts, muffins, sticky buns, scones
$0.90 each, $5.40 per half-dozen or $8.50 - 8.99 per dozen
whole sticky bun - $4.75

$1.15 each

fritters, cream sticks
$8.99 per dozen

apple tarts, baklava
$1.75 each

petits fours
$0.85 each or $9.00 per dozen

$0.85 each or $9.00 per dozen

$1.35 each

Prices are subject to change.  Please call us for details and ordering information.